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Leaseprobe - Company Profile

Our Services

As the largest lease review service company in the nation, LeaseProbe, LLC specializes in providing cost effective, customized and comprehensive lease administration services, whether for a specific project or on an ongoing basis. Companies with their own in-house team of real estate professionals turn to LeaseProbe to abstract or validate existing leases and lease data within their portfolio. They understand that failure to manage all of the complex details contained in a lease portfolio can lead to potentially disastrous financial and legal consequences.

Missing a tenant renewal deadline, failing to act on a rent step up or not passing through every possible expense to the tenant can result in losses that far exceed the cost of a comprehensive portfolio review. That is why it is critical to know and utilize accurate lease data to effectively manage commercial real estate. LeaseProbe is a niche service company that assists with this essential process. Our team of highly experienced Lease Specialists ensure every piece of lease data a company relies upon is both current and accurate.

LeaseProbe also provides services to assist with CAM (Common Area Maintenance). More often than not, a tenant's CAM audit bills have not been accurately calculated. LeaseProbe can perform a desktop audit and review operating expenses, CAM, taxes and insurance. Desktop audits often uncover errors that can result in significant savings to the tenant. LeaseProbe’s team of experienced attorneys and accountants can directly negotiate with the landlord, assertively seeking the appropriate refund amount while being ever mindful of the importance of the landlord/tenant relationship.

To see how LeaseProbe’s services can directly impact a company’s bottom line or to have LeaseProbe validate a sample of a portfolio’s leases at no cost, contact LeaseProbe at 877.56.LEASE (877.565.3273). Or visit us online at