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Real DiligenceReal Diligence, LLC is a niche company specializing in indepth, accurate and timely financial due diligence for commercial real estate throughout its life cycle. Financial due diligence is needed prior to the acquisition of a commercial property to validate the property's value, after its purchase to prepare the property for ongoing management, and even during the ownership of a commercial property if it falls into distress.

In an acquisition, for example, the challenge is knowing the property's real value. Real Diligence's job is to audit the numbers and give the buyer a crystal clear and completely accurate assessment of a property's current value. This is a cumbersome process that is paper intensive, time consuming and detail-oriented. It is critical not only to validate the seller's numbers but also to request all additional items needed to gain a complete picture of the property. Leaving no stone unturned, Real Diligence proactively searches, sorts, and synthesizes every piece of financial data including a full property description, income and expense data, market comparables, and perhaps an Argus run demonstrating future cash flow analysis. We then do a painstaking review of the property's historical financial statements, projected budget, income and expenses, comparing these findings against the numbers provided by the seller. Our goal is to find meaning in the data and identify the asset's true value.

In the case of a distressed property, Real Diligence's approach is to master the true financial picture of the distressed asset that far surpasses the bank's more limited understanding. The cornerstone piece of our approach is our Distressed Asset Report which includes an Executive Summary and Proposal, market summary, financial analysis, evaluation and critique of market studies, and leveraging of bank-provided documentation.

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